Mobile Fingerprint Algorithms

Best Mobile Biometric Fingerprint Algorithms

Mobile Authentication Technologies provides the best mobile fingerprint biometric algorithms for mobile phones, tablets, and devices. The world's fastest, best, and most accurate fingerprint algorithm for mobile biometrics.

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As an OEM/ODM manufacturer for mobile phones and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, you need mobile biometric fingerprint algorithms that deliver superior performance and ease-of-use to WOW your customers.  You need a mobile biometric solution that uses minimal resources - the smallest production sensors, tiny memory footprint, and  low computing power. You need biometric algorithms designed for mobile platforms.  Algorithms that have been tested and proven to beat the competition.

Mobile Authentication Technologies can deliver you the most cost-effective and accurate biometric algorithms for your mobile integration while providing your end-users the most secure and easy-to-use solution available. 


  • Unsurpassed fingerprint recognition accuracy
  • Fastest and most accurate mobile biometric algorithm
  • Ultra-quick authentication
  • Full 360-degree fingerprint rotation
  • Lowest error rate
  • Unmatched convenience and security


  • Tiny memory footprint
  • Optimized to support the world's smallest fingerprint sensors
  • Ultra-quick authentication
  • Full 360-degree fingerprint rotation
  • AI-based dynamic fingerprint pattern analysis
  • Elastic matching and dynamic template updating

Unlike less precise biometric algorithms, the mobile biometric solutions from Mobile Authentication Technologies were designed, built, tested and certified to be the fastest, most accurate, and most secure algorithms for use on the smallest mobile fingerprint sensors.

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Designed for Mobile Applications

Designed for mobile applications, the algorithm takes advantage of market-leading image processing, feature extraction, and matching that is specifically optimized for blazing fast performance on smartphone platforms.

 Unsurpassed security along with superior biometric matching performance enables mobile device manufacturers to improve security for fingerprint verification without compromising on convenience.

Smartphone manufacturers can now provide users an unparalleled experience with secure fingerprint authentication on mobile devices.

Best Fingerprint Algorithm for Smartphones

Embedded systems like mobile phones and mobile tablets require algorithms optimized to run with minimal memory and processor resources.  The algorithm must be capable of  delivering ultra-fast performance and accuracy to provide a positive user experience while simultaneously being frugal with resources and power consumption.

Our industry-leading mobile fingerprint algorithm uses three-dimensional multi-layer template matching and machine learning AI for distortion-free feature point pairing.  Image pre-processing enhances minutia and ridge detail, removes pattern artifacts and introduces anti-blur noise reduction.

 All of this combines to deliver perfect ridge definition and error-free feature point identification and pairing for learning-based fusion.   This ingenious programming results in mobile biometric algorithm performance that is unmatched by lesser precise biometric solutions.

The ultra-fast mobile biometric authentication is achieved without the need for high-end hardware or dedicated resources while maintaining the industry's highest level of security and convenience (lowest false rejection).

Using 1/2 of the memory while doubling the security (FAR) and authenticating 1/10th of a second faster than the closest competitor.

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